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DGoddessChardonnay 02-03-2019 08:48 PM

Poor Richard . . .RIP
Clive Swift, who gained fame as the henpecked hubby Richard Bucket on "Keeping Up Appearances" has passed away at age 82.

At least he doesn't have to listen to Hyancinth's yammering anymore . . .

MoonCat 02-04-2019 03:10 AM

Just imagine if the character had died on the show. Hyacinth swanning around in the most "sophisticated" (aka expensive) black outfits, with a huge hat and a black veil that keeps obstructing her vision so she keeps stumbling into things; telling everybody over and over how incredibly bereaved she is, while setting up the fussiest and most involved, overdone wake and funeral the town has ever seen. I can just hear her trying to get the Archbishop on the phone for the service and insisting he must know who she is because she's invited him to all of her "candlelight suppers" (that he never attended). :rolleyes:

notalwaysright 02-04-2019 06:00 AM

Aww. I was just watching the blooper reels on youtube. Great show, just classic.

Kristev 02-04-2019 04:23 PM

He finally got away.

catcul 02-04-2019 07:11 PM

He won't have to give Sheridan any more money.

EricKei 02-04-2019 08:59 PM

May he (the man) rest in peace. v_v

And may he (the character) at long last enjoy some peace. :)

Food Lady 02-05-2019 06:17 AM

Oh, he was so good at acting put-upon and yet impassive at the same time. So tempted to put in a "kicked the bucket" joke but I won't. You'll be missed, Clive.

Jay 2K Winger 02-05-2019 06:09 PM


Quoth Food Lady (Post 1376823)
So tempted to put in a "kicked the bucket" joke but I won't.

Just as well. It's pronounced Boo-KAY...

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