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Wow my Grandfather has the exact opposite of this. You can't find any food or ingredients in his house, I think the most he has in his fridge and freezer is half and half, butter, and a container of ice cream. Pantry has popcorn, coffee and tea. He refuses to go shopping, unless he is out of one of the things I listed, only wants to eat out cause he doesn't think he can cook. Anytime you plan on making him a meal there you have to make sure to bring everything you need including spices, because you are so out of luck at his place.

*note cause I feel like a horrible granddaughter* He does eat well, even if it is at a Chinese buffet every freakin day (ugh). Also I make meals for him weekly and force them on him, and taught him how to use a microwave. He just downright refuses to even try to cook something himself, seriously not even a hot dog in a pan, he knows how to, but he won't do it. *slams head on table*
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