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Create an Album Game (WARNING - Image Heavy)
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Default Create an Album Game (WARNING - Image Heavy)

So here's something that can be fun.

Step 1
Go here: (Wikipedia, random page) - The article's name is the name of your band.

Step 2
Go here: (Wikiquote, random page) - Pick a quote. The last three to five words of the quote are the name of your album.

Step 3
Go here: (Flickr, Interesting images, last 7 days) - The 5th image is your album cover. If the image given is NSFW, you are permitted to reload and get something else.

Step 4
Go to your image editor of choice and mash the three together. Share your work here.
(NOTE: Imgur is a good place to upload pics, and it has a built-in edit feature that allows you to resize, crop, and even add text or effects. I've been using it.)

Give a general idea of what your band's music style is.

I'll get the ball rolling.

Prog rock

Emo goth rock
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