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Back when I was an arcade tech, we got a new game that didn't work right out of the box. The manufacturer said that if I do anything other than what they tell me I can do, I will void the warranty and they will not replace any defective parts. So started the game of useless phone tag. No matter how many times I told them that the video cable had been cut while it was being assembled, they wouldn't listen to me. After they sent me a new computer, 50" monitor, 4 power supplies, line filter, and several IO boards, they finally sent one of their techs from Chicago to Salt Lake. The tech opened the back of the game up and froze. Right in front of him, clear as day was a video cable that had been cut when someone had trimmed a zip tie. Turned out that the phone tech thought I was lying to him.

End cost for his refusal to send a $15 video cable... Just over $8000.