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Almost died, my bad, am back~
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Default Almost died, my bad, am back~

Ok so short tldr of what transpired while I was gone, and why I have been unable to post:

- Job place was bought out, I was promptly "let go", and have been working triple time since

- had surgery on my wisdom teeth that went horribly, horribly wrong, culminating in the fact that I now have a stupid amount of debt, and half of my face now is either numb half the time, or feels like someone is jamming a live wire into my jaw

- found a job

- company kind of folded "we thought we'd have clients flooding in...and we didn't"

- lost three of my biggest client accounts due to totally freaking weird circumstances

- almost died because I scritched a tiny cut on my leg while gardening, and staph bacteria got inside. Thanks to having the worst insurance in existence, and being financially wiped out thanks to a horrible year, I tried to push through it...which did not work, and I collapsed in the middle of my daughter's birthday party, and had to go to the ER. Apparently it was a few hours from going septic, and I would've lost my leg. As it stands, I have a good amount of nerve and muscular tissue damage to it, and of course...stupid amounts of hospital bills.

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