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I was sharing a link with a friend who got hit with a pop-up that said "Your computer has six viruses".

Here is the thread I was sharing:
The pop-up is disturbing if it was triggered by an ad served from here. All ads on here are served via Google from their servers; this site simply streams the data from them when the page loads. Google generally does a really solid job of ensuring that ads served on their networks are clean and safe, but unfortunately people that create these things are also always trying to find ways around the barriers to them being pests.

The content of the pop-up is almost certainly 100% bogus - it's just click-bait to try to get the person viewing it to panic and click through on the ad, which then likely tries to get them to buy something or install something. Shady tactics at best, and as I come across things like them I try to block them.
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