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I also recently had delivery issues with Home Depot. FWIL they've outsourced delivery to another company, whose performance is hit-or-miss. I'm pretty sure you received your refund easily because they're quite aware of the issues, and I'm betting their contract will let them ding the delivery company pretty heavily due to their performance.
I don't see this going well for them. It cost them a big sale Saturday and now they wasted time and money shipping the material to the store that now will either have to be shipped back or sit there. And of course everyone I talk to over the next few weeks will hear about how never to order anything from Home Depot that needs delivery.

Maybe not everyone will refuse delivery and demand a refund over the principle of the matter like me, but enough will to cost them money. Most will roll over and move it themselves but then they will pull this with a little old lady who calls the news about how she has all this stuff in her living room and can't sit on her couch for tea to bring them a lot of bad PR.

And if I had decided to keep it and move it I would have at the least demanded refund of all the "carry in" fees.