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I don't like change.
In that case, I'm sure someone would be glad to take a $100 bill if you want to buy a pack of gum.

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Surprisingly often, that idea that seems so unique to the latest bestseller, turns out to have made a prior appearance in Jules Verne or H.G. Wells, if not some medieval romance or even ancient mythology.
Classic fairytale plot: Beautiful Princess is being held captive by Evil Sorceror. Farm Boy hears her plea for help. With help from Ancient Mystic and Rogue With Heart of Gold, Farm Boy rescues Beautiful Princess. They get married and live happily ever after. (screech of needle across record) WTF? They don't get married - but instead they find out they're brother and sister? How did George Lucas manage to mangle that?

Also, somebody ought to sue that Shakespeare dude for plagiarism. After all, the plot of Romeo and Juliet is ripped off from West Side Story.

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Looks like I picked a poor time to return!
[Airplane]Looks like I picked a poor time to quit sniffing glue [/Airplane]
Any fool can piss on the floor. It takes a talented SC to shit on the ceiling.

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