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Halloween Havoc (IC)
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Default Halloween Havoc (IC)

Midnight..Halloween. The clock strikes midnight. Somewhere in the world, a sarcophagus trembles, cracks, then breaks in a fiery explosion. The earth shudders as if revulsed, and the wind screams as if in pain. Two red glowing eyes can be seen, then .. nothing.

Elsewhere regardless where they are, or what they are doing..several legendary monsters..and their descendants are brought to a stop. They can sense something wrong. Something foul is in the air. From the sky (or ceiling whichever is the case) a note drops to your feet..a scarlet letter O on its outside. Inside a time, a place, and a strange symbol that can not be made out. Without having to be told, you know you must be there..that there are great and terrible things afoot..that the fate of all may henge on what transpires there...
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