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When midnight struck, Rick Angstrom wasn't around for it.

Tor Magnusson, the fearsome "Viking Berserker" of the Global Wrestling Federation, on the other hand, was in the ring for the GWF's special "Havoc On Halloween" PPV, competing in the main event as he challenged the aristocratic 'Baron' Raymon Vilaar for the GWF World Title.

Vilaar had him in a submission hold, twisting Tor's massive legs into a knot and leaning back, curving Tor's back. Tor let out a bellow of pain as he clawed for the ropes, and it was at that moment that the clocks struck midnight, and he felt the Wrongness.

He looked in front of him and saw the note on the mat in front of him. Tor saw the crimson circle on the parchment, and grabbed it in one massive hand before stuffing it into the front of his singlet.

Damn them, why did it have to be now?

With a defiant yell, he grabbed the ropes to force Vilaar to break his hold, lumbering back to his feet as his opponent backed up, then charged in for an attack, only to get Tor's massive hand locked around his throat. With a roar, Tor lifted him up and slammed him down with a ferocious chokeslam, laying across him and hooking a leg for the 1-2-3.

He barely listened as the ring announcer declared him the winner and as the GWF World Championship belt was strapped around his waist. Instead, Rick Angstrom wondered what was going on that he was getting a summons now.

An hour later, after the post-match interview, the photo sessions of him posing with his new championship, and a shower, Rick was in his hotel room, packing up his things and preparing to answer the call, sighing to himself. What a way to start the season.
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