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Reggie chuckled to himself as he exited the back door of the pool hall. For once he came away a few dollars ahead. Most of it was in change, including a couple of old silver dollars someone had waged, claiming they brought them good luck. Tonight they didnít. Reggie tucked them into a special pocket so he wouldnít loose them.

He headed into the darker recesses of the alley as the clock struck midnight. Reggie cursed under his breath. You would think that after so many changes he would be used to it, but you never get used to feeling like youíve been hit with a world-class hangover. And he hadnít even been drinking. It just wasnít fair.

Reggie staggered a few feet after becoming a zombie, leaning against a wall to maintain his balance. As he started to move on, he saw a white piece of paper on the ground in front of him. Not an unusual thing to see in an alley, except for the glowing red circle on it. He picked it up, looked around, and seeing no one, opened it. He wasnít sure what it meant. He only knew he had to obey the summons, immediately. Not that he had any choice. His normal nightly routine of shielding drunks from muggers would have to wait until another night.

It took Reggie several hours to reach the address in the note. He had to detour around several brightly lit areas. Mostly, though, his route took him through the seedier parts of town where his appearance did not attract attention.

When he arrived, Reggie walked up to the doors at the address given. He opened the doors without knocking and walked in.
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