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Midnight on Halloween chimed nearly unnoticed by Arisa Holt as she ran another series of tests on the latest blood samples. The holiday made it easier to snag a bag of nearly expired blood and jam a straw into it under the guise of a themed energy drink. Really whomever thought up the idea to market drinks in blood bags was a genius. If Arisa ever met that person, she would definitely have to thank them. And inspectors never came around during night shift, so the normal rules about no food or drink in clinical areas were summarily ignored. Arisa took a long sip. She liked blood better warm, but a vampire at a hospital blood bank (oh the irony, she thought) couldn't be choosy.

As the last chime of midnight sounded, Arisa felt a stirring in her soul. Puzzled, she glance around until her bright green eyes spotted the folded note. The crimson O blazed against the white paper. Oh no. Not now. Arisa's shift didn't end for several hours, and they were slammed. Halloween often brought out the stupidity in the masses, and those masses were requiring a lot of blood transfusions tonight. Her hopes of a quiet--if strange--life were dashed as realization sunk in. The summons she had heard about all her life and prayed she'd never hear had come. And tonight of all nights. The more she tried to ignore it, the more her heart and head pounded until she knew she couldn't fight it. Whatever passed for the shadowy Monsters' Council demanded her presence and there was no denying them.

Reluctantly, Arisa flagged down another lab tech and with the excuse of feeling sick and swearing to someday return the favor, stepped out into the night. It was warm for October, but Arisa shivered. Something big was about to happen. Clutching the note tightly in her fist, Arisa made her way to the address shown. Things were about to get interesting.
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