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It was Halloween night and Kayln Darkwynd could just hear the clock strick midnight. She had her nose in a book again. This is how she spent most of her evenings. She had finally had her PhD and was a researcher for a professor on campus. She loved what she did. It worked out well, as long as she got her projects done she could raid the libraries for clues to her families history. Plus it kept her calm.

As she turned the page in the book she was reading and taking notes from, she noticed a piece of paper on the floor, it had a crimson O on it. Of for the love of, she thought, why tonight of all nights. Just when i was making progress. Oh well can't be help. Her family drilled into her head from a young age, if you see this mark drop everything and go to where it tells you to.

Kayln starts to gather up her studying and changes into more comfortable and strechy clothes, just in case she has to draw on her inner strength. Grabs her tactical bag with her need items and runs out the door.
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