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Lupo Virtus - Gym - Chicago

Brighton just nods to him. "I'll talk it over with him, then. Personally, I don't see why there's any need to change your name in the ring." He chuckles. "I certainly know a man named 'Lupo' doesn't sound like anyone I'd wanna fuck with."

He nods to Lupo and starts heading toward the exit. "Look forward to seeing you in Branson. Be a hell of a fight." He pulls out his phone and makes a call as he leaves. "Yeah, it's me. ...yeah, he's in, I'll talk to the father and-- yes, of course I mean that father, not the other one, come on..." and then he's gone.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Lupo's father gets the call from Brighton, who arranges the fight against an opponent called Mark "The Meat" Cleaver. Cleaver's a man with a pretty dangerous reputation, with only a couple of losses, all due to judges' decisions. Otherwise, all of his victories have been knockouts.

Come the weekend of the fight, Lupo and his father and anyone else on their team arrive in Branson, where they're put up in the Hilton, also where the fight is scheduled to take place. They're met by Brighton, who shakes hands and helps them get settled in their rooms (Lupo is in Room 630) before heading off to "make sure everything's all set."

Lupo might be aware of a faint... kind of itch in the back of his head, not anything physical, just a kind of feeling like there's something going on he hasn't been told about, but it'd be difficult to put words to it. It's when Lupo is by himself in his room that there's a knock on the door, finding Paul Brighton on the other side. He looks a bit grim, as if he has to tell him something that he doesn't want to really get into, but must. "Lupo. Can I come in?"
Kiki Toshioto - Coffee Shop - Chicago

Even if Kiki follows him outside, Art Mooney is gone pretty quickly after he heads outside. Kiki's good at blending in, but this guy seems like he just vanished into thin air.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Lena Mooney makes a call to Kiki every couple of days, asking if anything has come up, and it's all Kiki can do to persuade her to let her do her job, maybe follow her husband to Branson and see if she can get concrete proof of this illicit relationship that Art is having. For his part, Art is clean after that phone call. Any checks to his credit card show that while he did pay for travel expenses at first, the money was refunded, and an email can be found showing that the ticket and accommodation were covered by an A. Green at Hays Investments. A little research turns up an employee of the same named Anna Green. The room is at the Hilton Hotel in Branson, but no further details about the room itself can be turned up, not even the number.

Art himself is dutiful to his wife in the intervening weeks, as well, careful to come home on time, attentive to her needs and everything, and the excuse he gives her for his trip is a "business meeting." Lena, of course, has her doubts, and is horribly confused by the apparently conflicting behavior.

Kiki is able to get a room of her own at the Hilton, and even a seat on the same flight to Branson Airport. Once there, he meets a woman in the lobby, clearly Anna Green, whom he embraces warmly, but... it seems more like a familial hug than an intimate one. They chat for a moment or two, and he does give a bit of a furtive look around as he talks. She frowns at something he says and she looks around as well, and her gaze does sweep over the area where Kiki has hidden herself, but doesn't seem to notice her.

The two check in at the desk, receiving their keys and then leaving in an elevator. If Kiki checks, it stops on the 5th floor. The clerk at the desk when she checks in is friendly, and then tilts her head. "Oh. I see there's a note here for you, Miss Toshito," (yes, the clerk says the name wrong) "here you are." And with the key for her own room (room 419) is an envelope addressed to "K. Toshioto."

The message inside says "I know you've been following me. Meet me in Rm. 510 & I'll explain. --Art Mooney"
Riley Thorsen & Mattieu Carrefour - Poker Tournament - New Orleans

Mattieu looks at Riley with that smirk, which widens into a bigger smile, and ... it's like she can feel he's trying to turn on the charm. He tosses a couple of chips onto the felt. "Raise ya a hundred," he drawls.

There are a couple of back and forth raises as neither one of them backs down. Until finally, they call, and their cards are turned over. First Riley, putting her up with three of a kind: sevens. As soon as that comes up, Mattieu just clicks his tongue, sighs, and turns over his own cards: 3 S and 5 S. Two pair, fives high. Riley Thorsen has won the tournament and $25K. She shakes hands with her last two opponents, Baz Moran just giving a curt nod before turning and leaving, while Mattieu gives her a charming smile. "You play a good game, chere, I get you next time, say true?" He winks, and then it's a few interviews and she's left on her own.

But already there's another tournament on the horizon, the Midwest Poker Championship, with a $75,000 grand prize, being held in Branson, Missouri.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Riley is left to her own devices, though she does exchange correspondence and phone calls with one Himy Holtzman, who is arranging the Midwest Poker Championship. Holtzman's company is putting up the competitors in the Hilton in Branson, and even chips in to help with airfare.

When she arrives in Branson, there's a cab waiting for her, and she's dropped off at the Hilton, where room 909 is waiting for her. She's no sooner settled in before there's a knock on the door, and Himy Holtzman is standing there, not at all what she was really expecting from the name. "Ms.--" he coughs a bit and clears his throat before hoarsely continuing over the name, "Thorsen-- (so sorry) may I come in? I have some things to discuss with you."
Liam O'Keefe - The Phone Call - St. Louis

"Aye, he thought you'd say that," Mac Dubh chuckles. "See ya in a couple weeks." He gives the dates in question which, although he doesn't know it, are the same time as the Midwest Poker Championships and the boxing match.

Over the next couple of weeks...

Liam finds some money is sent his way by Hanretty, who explains it's to help cover expenses. This comes in handy when he has to book a hotel room, and as Fate would have it, he gets a great deal on a room at the Hilton.

After he arrives in Branson and checks in at the hotel (Room 728), he gets a text message from Mac Dubh, asking him to meet him by the Ripley's Oddities museum. Once there, Liam eventually runs into Mac Dubh himself, a heavyset bald man with a rather impressive beard, dressed not unlike a biker. He nods to Liam when he sees him. "O'Keefe," he says. "Glad ye could make it. There's some new information ye should probably be aware of..." Even as he says it, it's evident that Mac is a bit worried about how well Liam's going to take it...

Next update will be a big one, when the Truth comes out...
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