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Lupo - Room 630

Brighton nods. "Spoken like a son of the war god," he declares. "You didn't get too battle-crazy there, so you're probably the son of His Mars aspect. That's a relief, at least." He nods at the cesti. "Those you can sort of will in and out of existence-- I'm simplifying for now." He flicks his wrist, and the golden chain wraps around the corpse of the remaining Bacchae, which is likewise engulfed in sunfire and reduced to ash. "If I were you, I'd ... I dunno, go relax down in the lounge or something. If there are any more Bacchae or their allies down there, they won't start anything in public. Meantime, I'll call up our 'cleaner' to secure the room, clean up the ash."

He thinks for a moment, then gestures. "Where's your cell phone? I'll send a text out to our IT specialist, and she'll put you in the loop."

Kiki - Outside Room 510

Anna smiles a bit tightly. "I'm glad to hear that." She thinks a moment. "Tough to say what you'll be doing. For Art and me, well, we're the children of the Goddess of the Hunt. We get a call some monsters are stirring up trouble, we go and ... take care of it. But Iris? Iris is the Rainbow Goddess. Granted, that means she sort of oversees the boundaries between the mortal realm and the divine realm, but..."

The huntress frowns. "That pendant... your Mother wouldn't have given you a tool good for only one thing... try to feel something about it, can it do anything else?"

Liam - Leaving the Ripley's Museum

Mac Dubh nods. "Word of warning before ye leave, boyo. If'n ye see MacBride, don't try to take him on by yerself. He's one of us, but he's gone rogue. There's reasons why none of the attempts ta take him down have worked." He takes out his cell. "I'll send word ta our operator that yer on board. If she sees anything, she'll call ye. Code-phrase is 'Emerald Eire.'"

Riley - Room 714

Holtzman frowns. "Yes, your room is compromised for the moment. Solomon will clean up the mess, and send your bags down to the desk. Our operator should get you set up in a new room quickly enough." At the mention of the Cajun, he tilts his head. "Carrefour? I think it's likely you will. He's been invited to take part in the tournament as well."

He taps in a text on his cell phone. "Our operator should put you in the loop soon. She'll contact you if anything specific to you comes up. She'll use the code-phrase 'Nine Realms.'"
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