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85% Freeform I'd say. As any type of setting, etc is possible I will encourage the players to make quite a few of their own decisions. IE if there is a fight, for the most part, players will be able to decide what happens (within reason) as long as it is interesting. Of course if they themselves can not think of anything, I will.

However, there are rules. While most fights (and this is not really a combat heavy rpg) will be freeform, there will be times where it won't be. I will make sure to post here when freeform is limited. (Like against the incarnation of death itself, whenever it is on the scene freeform will be limited).

As for player characters..they don't have to think inside the box. Giant jelly fish, AI ran robot, humanoid animals..feel free to let your imagination run wild. Heck they can be good versions of creatures normally considered evil

Like (but not limited too)
Black Dragons
Illithid (spelling)

Of course power wise I still have to approve, but I will list some that will be turned down flat.

True Immortality (ie No Captain Jack Harkness types)

Resurrection abilities (can be a healer, but once somebody or something is dead you can not bring them back)

Basically anything that would make them immune to death or allow them to make others immune to death.

Also some dimensions are reserved for specific things. Dimension 777 for instance. Dimension 999. Dimension 1 (our dimension). Other then that it is fair game. (Don't change another persons dimension if somebody describes a dimension and calls it dimension 505 then from then on 505 will ALWAYS be 'their' dimension (don't worry there are infinite numbers).
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