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Curious, Sapputiyok watched with xer eyes only as the giant bone beast pushed the lightning-coated being down the street. If this bone beast could not be stopped, it would likely destroy the whole city. But that thought was secondary to Sapputiyok's curiosity. Xe wanted to know what was going on here, and the only place those answers might be found was with the lightning-wrapped being. Determined to help him stop the beast, Sapputiyok ran towards them, watching for objects xe might be able to throw at it.

Sapputiyok hesitatingly opened xer mind to the gift again. The lightning-coated being didn't overwhelm xer sense this time, but whether that was because he was behind the bone beast or some other reason, xe would try to find out later. Sapputiyok reached out with the gift and grabbed hold of the middle of a stone column, hurling it at the bone beast. People nearby scattered. The column piece struck the beast with a loud cracking sound, sending bits of bone and stone flying. That should get its attention.
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