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Sapputiyok inspects the stranger's aura, looking for signs of injury. Seeing nothing but decreased energy level, Sapputiyok takes the stranger by the shoulders and (lifting him slightly with the Gift) drags him to the shady side of the street, to one of the city's river-fed fountains set in the wall there. Xe props him up against the wall next to the fountain and dumps several double-handfuls of water on his head to cool him. Then xe dribbles a handful of water into his mouth, watching to see him swallow before feeding him more.

Having fed the stranger what xe considers to be a sufficient amount of water, Sapputiyok begins to pace. People walk up to the fountain to get water, but pay the stranger little attention. One person asks, "Is xe ok?" Sapputiyok curtly replies, "Xe will be fine." The person hurries off. Sapputiyok continues to pace.
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