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It's a simple matter of them being the center of the universe. They get to do what they want to do, when they want to do it and you be damned. That's the only explanation for, "Well, I'm going to light up this big cigar here in the grocery store, surrounded by other people who may or may not smoke, and who may in fact be deathly allergic to tobacco smoke. I paid good money for this cigar and by gum I want everyone to see me smoking it, and I do not, repeat not want them, in their resentment, to picture me performing the sex act that having this kind of thing in one's mouth suggests. If your food and clothing end up smelling like cigar, that's just too darn bad because I paid a lot of money for this. After we leave, I'm going to go light up another one at the methane gas power plant just because I'm entitled, so if your lights suddenly go out and you see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, you'd better remember that I paid good money for this cigar and that gives me the right to light up anywhere, anytime, anyhow, and beans to you, buster."
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