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Dawn seems to be taking it all in, listening to the conversation. "I hope I did not offend. Please forgive me if I have. Time is growing short, however." She holds up her hand and a shining golden portal opens. "My people do not know how to treat a 'crime scene', I fear it may be corrupted if we are too long. I will leave the portal open for one hour Nexus time, and I will go make sure to guard the scene." She bows and is through the portal.

((For those who chose to go through the portal))

You are in one of the most beautiful cities you have ever seen. The architecture, how clean it is, and there is no normal hustle and bustle of a busy city. It does seem you are expected though, for everybody is wearing a similar outfit like Dawn.

Two things strike you immediately. First, there seems to be no children. Or at least not unless their children are tall. Second, if this is Utopia..where is the gardens and such?

((You learn if you go far enough that you are on a flying city. The world below is also breathtakingly beautiful..even if it seems a bit wild. They do not build on the world, or use any of its resources..they have moved way beyond the need for that))
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