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The scene of the death

Dawn was able to secure the spot without much problem. The body is laying at a strange angle, but otherwise there seems no sign of injury or trauma. When the two of you arrive on scene, you both notice something at the same time. The body's chest is still moving as if it is still breathing. No other signs of movement, however.

Since this body is uncovered ((They wouldn't walk around normally with cloaks and hoods on)), both of you see a Utopian for the first time since you arrived. Both of you see different things, however.

Colt sees the figure as our typical angel, perfect features and with wings. Sapputiyok sees one of xer own species ((Still with wings however)), a perfect physical specimen and the figure would appear just as androgynous as xer own people.

When they see the body, it becomes apparent why the others have cloaked themselves. You get the strong feeling that if this figure were alive and told you to do something it would be very difficult to say no.
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