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As this is something that has cropped up once or twice as of late: If there is something report-worthy in the thread that we really need to know about ASAP (e.g. Fratching), please do NOT reply to the thread at all, even if it's about something unrelated to the problem; it could easily add flame to the fire. Just report it and move on. You can even Unsubscribe from the thread if that will help you to put it out of your mind.

Just as a clarification, as somebody asked Yes, we mean "don't post any more" in reference to the offending topic-related material. That just tends to make things worse. ^_^ Continuing to post when someone does EQ, double posts, or "I'm not sure if this belongs in this section" is fine.

To put it another way -- If the thread mentions something like religion or race or, say, tipping, comments relevant to the story itself [read: suckiness of the customer/managers, etc] are generally fine, and it's OK to keep posting. Comments about religions/races/tipping and the like (especially derogatory ones) or debates about them are NOT, and should not be posted at all. That's why we have Fratching. When in doubt, ASK us via PM before posting. That's why we're here.

More reports are a good thing! They help us to keep the dialogue on the board as civil as possible.

Also, just as a friendly reminder -- nobody else on the board, save for us modmins, will ever know who reported any given post or PM [yes, you can report those, too!], or that a report was even made, aside from the occasional generic mod comment that "we've been getting complaints about this thread" or the like. So, have no fears about your privacy when doing so.
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