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Bumpage/clarification in response to user inquiries:

As a general rule of thumb:

- If you feel the need to say "This may belong on Fratching, but...", it does belong there. Period. If you feel that you have a "potential fratching" subject to discuss that's important enough to bring up on here, we'd rather see a thread with a link to the post on Fratching (put in Check It Out) than an actual thread on the subject here. (This issue has raised its head recently, hence the bump of the Site News post)

- Please report any issues or problems you see on the board -- whether it's in a thread or in a PM. We can't see everything

- If you have a personal issue with something another poster has said and even think it may be contentious, either take it to PM's or just Report it and walk away.

- If there is something report-worthy in a thread, we really prefer that you not post in it, at all, for any reason (unless you're adding a Fratching link -- which is situational anyway). Do NOT call the other member(s) out, as perpetuating the issue/adding fuel to the fire is just as bad as sparking it in the first place. Please just Report and trust us to deal with it.

- Remember that ONLY Mods/Admins will ever know that a post/thread was reported, let alone who reported it, and that there are no repercussions for doing so. We're referees, not tyrants.

- TOS violations like Fratching, quality-of-life stuff like huge images, failure to mark NSFW posts, excessive quoting, consecutive posts, duplicates, thread in wrong forum, etc., are all reportable (ditto spam, but we deal with the bulk of that already -- we have posts from new users hidden by default for a reason ^_^). Feel free to browse the Site Rules for examples. When in doubt, we'd rather have a non-issue get reported, than a real issue go un-addressed. --- Just use your best judgment. e.g.: 3 quoted lines out of a 20-line post is not "excessive," just annoying as hell, especially if they're from the post immediately prior. And just as a side note, unlike some other fora, we don't really seem to have an issue with necroposting here -- if something is not yet old enough to get auto-locked, it's pretty much fair game unless a more recent/active thread covers the issue. "Really long" posts aren't a problem unless it's all one big wall-o-text with no line breaks. We like good stories
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