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There were some IDP on calls, so some will have survived. But as for in the headquarters themselves? None. Bodies everywhere, broken machines everywhere, but no other living beings but Colt and Valzar remain. With them both wreaking havoc on the machines the number of machines drops quickly. Though the machines leech off energy, both have energy to burn. The energy of a thousand generations.

You do not find the mechanics body. There are signs, with your newfound increased ability, that indicate she did make it into a portal to her 'Hell' plane. You see Valzar burning through other machines. Quickly dismantling enemy after enemy. You are matching him kill for kill though. Only a few remain now..and you can easily take care of them.. when a fiery portal opens up. Out saunters the mechanic, tail swinging back and forth.

You are no longer fatigued, the energy of your ancestors easily replenishes your energy.. and in fact you feel you could almost burst with it. You see Colt and he is as a man possessed.. killing faster and more efficiently then would be expected. Only a handful of machines remain.. and they are in between the two of you. Easy prey. Then a fiery portal opens up, and a very curvacious form saunters through the portal.


The form has a large metal ball in its hand.. she tosses it to Colt. The machines close on her. "Now boys.. I am a lover not a fighter. These guys?" You see twol other fiery portals appear and 9' tall creatures come through. They are red from head to toe, with two large horns and black wings. "They are the fighters." She smiles a wicked smile. "Get em boys." With savagery equal to Colt.. they leap like wild animals and start tearing the machines apart. For such large creatures they are very swift and nimble. Between the four of you (two of the 9' creatures), the machines are down in seconds. "Ok boys, your mother has some business to take care of. Go back home." The portal opens up, and they step back through).

((Tyg3r.. you have Steel back))

The female frowns as she looks around. "I see I am too late.. time works.. differently where I call home."
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