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Time passes, and soon the nexus starts shutting down. A good sign that the force that had kept it running for who knows how long is no more. With Strongarm's chosen successor also gone, there is no power feeding the core. The crystal is expending the energy it has in order to keep things running, and as that power empties, it has to shut down more and more of the nexus to compensate to keep running just that much longer. The last two rooms will be the room you two are in, and the core itself. Nothing bad will happen when the power is out, but the nexus will be dark once more. Morgana hangs her head in a moment of silence, knowing what this means. "Thus passes probably one of the greatest men the multiverse has known."

She turns to the two of you. "The others.. if we defeat death.. they can be brought back. For him there will be no more coming back. He was sometimes a hard man, sometimes an evil man, but for all of his flaws.. the worse is that he cared too much. Me and my clan stand ready to aid you. Races and people from all over the multiverse will come, for they owe Strongarm that much. We will probably not be enough, but.. "
You hear her voice change, her eyes glowing, and you see vast armies.. billions and billions strong.. various races, various dimensions, all with one thing in common.. they owe IDP great debts. Some you recognize, for your group were there when you saved them from various things. She speaks with one voice, but it is many voices in one "We stand with you, and we will fall with you if that is what must be."
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