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Quoth PrplPplEater View Post
I'm looking at the ForumRunner setup, and I see nothing tied to IP, anywhere.

For anyone having trouble with ForumRunner on your phone/mobile, are you able to view the site on the phone/mobile without ForumRunner?

Basically, I want to try to narrow the issue down to whether perhaps the phone/mobile is still looking to the old location, or if the issue is definitely with ForumRunner.

In FR's site statistics, it does show at least 7 accesses to the site via FR in the past two days, but I'm not sure what that constitutes.
I can see the site via regular Internet on my phone. I can also see Fratching via Forum Runner. CS though tells me that it's getting an unknown response that may be because a forum software plug in may be out of date or have a conflict on Forum Runner.
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