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lundar - question: When ghosting/mirroring a hard drive in the past, it's been my experience that any sectors marked "bad" on the old drive will remain marked as "bad/do not use" on the new one. Is this the case on linux? Also, don't HDDs and SSD's store data in fundamentally different ways? Would this have an impact when mirroring?

mjr - What lundar said You might wanna consider some housekeeping first (e.g. file/drive integrity checks, de-duping checks, spyware scans, cleaning out temp directories, uninstalling anything you no longer use, old save game folders for stuff you don't play anymore, old video/audio files you don't need, etc) just to reduce the amount of sheer bulk in files that need to be moved over. You can always keep the old drive around as a backup, too.
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