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lundar - question: When ghosting/mirroring a hard drive in the past, it's been my experience that any sectors marked "bad" on the old drive will remain marked as "bad/do not use" on the new one. Is this the case on linux? Also, don't HDDs and SSD's store data in fundamentally different ways? Would this have an impact when mirroring?
For the first question, I'm not sure. I have not dealt with mirroring on Linux myself though reading through the procedure is the same.

As for the second, the differences are hardware based and largely irrelevant. What needs to be identical is the File Allocation Table format as that is software based and is what determines how the information is stored and retrieved on a software scale. How it's stored on the drive physically is a matter for the control board which interprets access requests and data transmissions between the drive and the system.
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