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I wouldn't bother with a 1TB SSD. That will get expensive.

I have a 126GB SSD that has my OS and apps on it. I then have a pair of 1TB HDDs, mirrored, for /home, where I keep all my data. I use LVM for the mirroring.

As you didn't say which distro you are using. Each has it's own quirks.

Linux has all the utilities you need to copy the drive. How you do it depends on a number of things. Bare partitions or Logical Volume Management (LVM) Do you want to move to LVM? Do you want to move to something like what I have?

Short description:
Layout your partitions on the new drive
Install boot block
Copy file from - to each partition.
Swap drives New drive need to be at the same device location as old was. i.e. /dev/sda
Boot to new drive.

EricKei - Usually not. Block relocation is usually handled at the drive. If you have used all your spare blocks and the file system is now reallocating, then a volume/block level copy will copy the flags. A file level copy won't.
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