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All of these answers are dependant on what you have currently, 'A few years' could mean anything from 2 -10 years
Another thing to consider is what do you use the PC for? If the machine has worked fine for you until recently it's unlikely to be a RAM problem.

Slowness in an older machine can often be the crap that accumulates in a Windows install over time, a fresh install of Windows may fix the slowness and you could even take the opportunity to upgrade to an SSD, which is far more likely to help than a RAM upgrade (unless you have a crippling tiny amount).

Install Window to a new SSD and you'll still have your old drive with all the information on so no worries about backing up (which you should still be doing though)

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This is the key phrase, with the fact it's an HP machine coming a close second.

Depending on its design, you may not be able to find a motherboard that'll fit for one of two reasons: first, it's too damn old; second, it's HP and they've done something proprietary.
It's been a while that the big companies have been so propriatary that standard items won't fit. Most of the time, that I've seen, they just have 'quirky' internal layouts and odd latched fittings that are annoying as hell
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