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Unfortunately, my area has been infested by number of third-party gas suppliers that do door-to-door soliciting. Some are more or less reputable; most are downright sleazy. The deal is, if you sign up with them, you will still get your gas delivered via the major utility company and you will pay via your regular utility bill. But the third party is actually the supplier. The claim is that you will save money by going third party. That is rarely true and cancelling can be nearly impossible.

The sleazebags usually claim to be with the main utility, or “working for them.” They ask to see your most recent bill so they can audit for you, to show you how to save. If you say you don’t have it, they will tell you to go online and get it. The least ethical will tell you that you have to cooperate. One told me that I would be fined by the state if I do not.

If you are lucky, all that happens is a heavy sales pitch. If you aren’t, the person captures the info from your bill and you are signed up without your knowledge.

News reports and social media are full of warnings about this. So much do that the genuine main utility is having problems getting access to inspect power and gas lines—even though they show up with marked trucks and ID cards. A contractor that does tree inspections near power lines is having a terrible time. I get phone calls, postcards, emails, and doorhangers announcing their imminent arrival of inspectors and technicians, with pictures of IDs and numbers to call with questions.

If you were in our area, you would indeed get accused of scamming. But the main utility would also make sure its customer service people knew about you.