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Unfortunately, my area has been infested by number of third-party gas suppliers that do door-to-door soliciting.
Here it is electricity suppliers. Our electricity used to be only supplied by the one state owned company who generated it. Now there are tens of (mostly) unregulated suppliers who claim huge discounts on an inflated price that overall works out more expensive.

The door to door solicitors are easy to pick. They are naive teenagers spouting a learned spiel. They claim to work for the electricity generator, but use weasel words in their explanation when you press them. I finally lost patience with them some years ago. The last one got:

"Why don't you go away and think of a better lie? I'm not showing you my bill and I'm not likely to swap to a provider who sends children to lie to me. Go away and lie to someone else!"

She looked for a brief period like she might cry. Later, I looked out the front window and it was raining and she was walking down the opposite side of the road with her head down. Maybe she needed that push to go get a proper job.