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It's been a blast
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Default It's been a blast

As previously mentioned, I'm hanging around for some time to come, mostly in an advisory capacity. However, it would be ill-mannered of me not to make some mention as the site has now been handed over officially.

It's been a wild ride, but it wouldn't have been possible without a slew of volunteers helping along the way. The mods have kept me as much on the straight and narrow, as well as making sure that the threads ran on time wherever necessary, and several have been here longer than I have. Too many names have been and gone over the years, but things would not have been possible without the assistance of this volunteer crew who worked for free to keep a place they cherished.

On the technical side, GBM put a lot of work in in the early days. For the last few years, that mantle was passed to Pedersen and his skills in keeping a server running as it should. Both were invaluable to making sure the posts got to you.

All too often, I've just been the person who paid the bills, whereas all the above did the work. I don't want to neglect one group, though - you, the members. We're here for you to vent, we're here for you to celebrate - we're a community. None of it would have been worth it without you.

The future looks to be in capable hands, so if we want to make the most of it, then where safe get the name of the site out to people you meet, and let's get this site and community dancing more than ever before!

Thanks folks, and I'll be over *there*