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Quoth dalesys View Post
Depends. Are you made of bacon?
Quoth r2cagle View Post
:facepalm: I forgot about the BACON
Quoth Magpie View Post
Shhhh... not so loud with the B-word. Do you want RetailWorkhorse to show up and scare Mr. Anubite away?
*Pops up*

Did someone mention bacon?

Quoth Pagan View Post
Well, if he does, I've got a sparkly halter we can just wave at him and he'll run, screaming like a girl.
*Twitch-mumbles-grumbles*Manly screams of manhood.*grumble-grumble*

Quoth Evil Queen View Post
You forget, RW goes to raves. He LIKES sparkly things (thankfully, not sparkly vampires). And anyways, he's currently without internet for a couple weeks while he and the family make their way back to New Mexico.
Sparkly~. And glow-buggy stuffs. Because it gloooooows in the daaaaaark.

Quoth Magpie View Post
If he likes sparkly things, then why does he run away every time we try to put them on him?
Quoth Pagan View Post
That's what I was wondering!
Because it's PINK! I'm a redhead you don't put redheads in pink!
Now a member of that alien race called Management.

Yeah, you see that right. Pink. Harness.