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The general consensus is basically, go for it -- We killed off the old chat because, well, nobody used it *at all* for an incredibly long amount of time. As in, possibly before I became active as a member o_O

Go ahead and set it up, er, wherever you need to host it and post the link in here. Once you have it going and have mods set up, make a thread in Off Topic about it.

Also, see if you can get folks to help mod in-channel when possible. Just assume that the same basic rules apply in there as on the CS boards. I'll ask CS moderators to send you their handles (those of us who use Discord, as I do) so you can make us mods there. We'll pop in when we can, but please understand, however, that our first priority will still be the actual boards themselves.

TL;DR -- If you and others are willing to keep it active, feel free ^__^
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