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There are plastic jugs the bags drop into. As for puncturing them... the plastic is pretty tough. I've never had one leak on the way home. I've seen only one or two at the store with milk leaking from an improperly sealed inner bag... And that's over the last forty years.
Yeah milk bags tend to be relatively tough plastic; I haven't bought milk bags in years but I don't recall them ever leaking. Milk jugs on the other hand, I've had leak occasionally, but not as often now that they actually put a seal under the cap.

For serving, you put them in a milk jug and clip the top corner (or both top corners) and pour what you need. A bag is about 1L, so you should normally use a bag up fairly quick. What you don't use, put in the fridge as is.

For me, I live alone and don't use white milk for much beyond my morning cereal, and for chocolate milk I like the 2% choco milk best; so I end up getting jugs instead of bags and have done so for years and years now. If I used it more, I might consider bags but generally prefer the jugs.