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I was having problems with Ubuntu 18, so upon a recommendation I switched to Lubuntu.

Now, the problems I have are:

1. My "secondary" drive (the one I use for data storage) has been renamed to a GUID. I want to name it "THREETB" like I did before.

2. I also want to be able to create a "network directory" from my Windows 10 box to a couple of folders on my Linux box.

So I want to be able to open File Explorer on Windows, and do \\my-linux-box\shared_drive, and get to those files.

So, how do I rename my drive (without losing the data on it), and share out the drive and/or folders on that drive?
I can't speak to the first question, have never had a linux box with a second drive. But as to the second question, you will need to setup SAMBA shares on the linux box. there are a few methods for doing this, but before you start you will need WIN10 Pro. the home edition doesnt have the SMB features required (found that out the hard way on one of my builds). if you have never tried to setup shares in linux, be prepared to bang your head like i did, the instructions i found via google said it would be "easy" and "fun". i did get it working, but the instructions assume far more experience than they let on. This tool does seem to be the easiest method from my attempts.
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