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Ester calmly goes about collecting weird things as the den of battle swirls around her. A horn from Orcus, a bit of tail from by one as the lieutenants fall. With Cain back in the fight, the werewolf trio having returned from their collection of their artifact, and several of his generals already down..the fight is tipping swiftly to the groups favor.

Cain himself confronts and holds back Malbozia, while the group goes fight off his army. At first it is a bit uneven. Cain is much too strong, and too fast for Malbozia, so even though Malbozia can not die or be trapped he is being thrown about like a rag doll. As each of his minions fall, however, Malbozia becomes stronger and faster. Seeming to draw strength from their defeat. "Give it up Malbozia." Growls Cain. "You know my curse. Even you are not immune to it."

Malbozia, wiping blood from his mouth chuckles. "Yes, yes. You will walk the earth until the end of days..and whosoever does you harm will receive unto them seven times worse as they have dealt you. Here is your problem Cain. This IS the end of days, and I can withstand the penalty dealt to me."

"For now." Cain seems amused. "What of when the last of your generals fall?"

"By then I will have all the power I need to defeat you." Grins Malbozia.

" might defeat me..but what about them?" Cain indicates the rest of you, and Malbozia does seem worried.

"Mere children. Even with the foul witches double crossing me and giving them the power of their ancestors for this night, they do not have the wisdom to use it to it's fullest."

Ester cackles this time. "You think this the extent of my 'treachery' as you call it. Oh no, when you came to me with your plan..I saw its brilliance. Bringing back your fallen ... all in one place. There is two sides to every coin however. If those of evil can be brought back...then...those of good can be also." She chants and Rick sees from the fallen body of his foe rising two very familiar forms. He is almost crushed by Hilda who gives him a troll hug in greeting.

"NO!" Even as his powers grow, as his generals are one by one destroyed, he seems very dismayed. "No.." it is almost a whisper now. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!" He yells defiantly. "Even all of you combined will not stop me! Not this time!" He is managing to push Cain back.

"Come now Malbozia.." comes a very distinct voice, learned..old..wise..and with a very odd accent. "Our young ones have our strength, we have the wisdom to guide them and our own strength has been increased by the spell YOU wrought." Vlad, alive (well sort of) and well turns to the group. "Strike now, with all your might. Do not relent, do not give mercy for he will show you none."

He has no generals or lieutenants left, yet he seems invincible. There may not be a way to defeat this last and final foe...
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