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Rick Angstrom - Uber Troll

As the archdemon's generals fall, and his mercenaries flee while they can, Rick is lending aid where he can against the other generals. Grabbing their tail to temporarily halt them for an attack from one of his comrades. Hurling them into a wall to stun them. He uses all of the raw, brute strength of his supernatural body, roaring troll challenges and shrugging off all the attacks that are mustered against him, his troll regeneration healing him almost instantly.

And then the witch Ester raises Hilda from the dead. She hugs him, and with a booming laugh, he returns the hug with equal force. The two uber-trolls turn to face the archdemon Malbozia, who throws off Cain, only to be grabbed by Rick, who throws him to the ground, then hurls him into the air. With a grin at Hilda, Rick's fist comes around as Malbozia plummets, sending him arcing toward Hilda, who uppercuts him with her own hand, volleying him back toward Rick, who leaps in the air and spikes the archdemon into the floor.

Seeing that Malbozia is already getting back to his feet, none the worse for wear, though perhaps a little humiliated at being used in a brief game of 'Demon Volleyball,' Rick and Hilda both back away, but still ready to keep the archdemon off-balance, trying to fight too many foes at once.
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