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((Ok..having a heck of a time coming up with a satisfactory ending to this. goes))

Ester gets the spell from Sunny..and begins to read it. Malbozia makes a move to go after her, only to be blocked first by Rick. He thrusts his hands into Ricks chest, pulling out his heart and tosses it and Rick aside..too intent on remembering that trolls can survive just about anything as long as fire or acid is not involved. As Rick falls (it still hurts terribly, and takes a good length of time to recover from), he manages to grab..something..and it rips from is the spirit of on of the spirit form it is hard to tell which.

Malbozia weakens, but presses on..only to be confronted next by Cain..he snaps Cain's neck, his own head being twisted around seven times by an unseen force, and as Cain falls..he too pulls loose .. something.

Weakened further..he is swarmed by the zombies..he knows enough to go for their heads..but their seems to be no end to them. Just as he clears them away, Reggie manages to get in to grab something also. He just ducks as Malbozia makes a move for him..and gets away.

One by one the rest of the group manages to remove the demons souls from their prison in the time he successfully reaches is far too late. Standing over him is every one of the monsters, and his powers are gone. He is a broken demon. Vlad reaches down, picks him off the floor..and ribs the demons heart from his chest. "We know that in a thousand years you will be back, but we will cast you to betrayed your own..and will be very weak during the next thousand years..we would not want to be you." Malbozia is cast back into the darkness..and things go quiet.
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