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Rick Angstrom - Doesn't Need His Heart

Well. That's something he's never experienced before. And every cell in his being hopes he doesn't have to experience it ever again.

Even so, as the archdemon throws aside his heart, Rick grabs him by the throat before falling aside, feeling a flailing, snapping something thrashing in his grip, but he stubbornly holds onto it, instinctively realizing that this thing he's holding is key to Malbozia's power.

And so he watches, clutching the soul-piece in his arms as his body slowly recovers from the grievous wound, as one by one, his fellow monsters tear apart the archdemon's soul, until at last Vlad finishes off Malbozia and casts him back into the darkness once more.

Rick lays back on the floor as he slowly heals, breathing heavily. "We won." He grins toothily and raises a fist up weakly. "Heavyweight. Champion. Of the world."
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