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Panting, Livia slumps to the floor, only now becoming aware of assorted bruises, scrapes and scratches, and the occasional small driblet of blood here and there, courtesy of the recent battle.

"Gone," she says, looking at Astir. "He's gone." Astir, also battered and bloodied, can only nod.

They manage to limp over to Cain, who lies trembling on the floor. His breath is rasping loudly now, but as they watch, it becomes quieter and evens out to normal breathing. Cain lifts his head tentatively.

"Bloody DAMN, but that hurt!" he says, reaching up and gently massaging his neck.

Astrid snorts. "I should think so." Livia doesn't know whether to envy Cain or feel sorry for him. Sure, he's immortal but ... is it worth the price of suffering would-be fatal injuries -- painful injuries -- over and over and over, into near-eternity?

Well, it's not like I have to choose it, she thinks.

The trio settles down in a corner, watching as the other victors begin to wind down from the rage and fury of the battle.