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Arisa fell into step easily with Dracula and Mina, relieved to see them alive--well, in a manner of speaking. The rest of the battle is easy and Malbozia is soon defeated.

"What kept you?" Arisa teased Dracula. With the battle over, she had shifted back to a more human form, however since she was among friends Arisa didn't bother to disguise the natural gold color of her eyes.

Dracula chuckled. "Magic has its rules, my dear. You've done well."

"You didn't really think they'd killed us for good did you?" Mina asked.

"Of course not," Arisa answered. But she relented under the twin stares of the two elder vampires. "Ok, I'll admit, you had me worried. Just for a bit." Something Dracula had said earlier bothered her. "So, Malbozia. He'll be back?"

Dracula nodded. "Unfortunately, one such as he can never truly be vanquished. Only contained. And even that doesn't last forever."

"The forces of good and evil require a balance," Mina explained. "Where there is light, there must be shadow, and where there is shadow, there must be light."

"And we guard the light," Arisa finished.
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