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This thread has been nominated for War Stories.

We're currently working on Gerrinson's thread, so we'll take a look at this one after that.

Silverstaff, if there's any noteworthy new info to report on this one (hopefully not! ^_^), please Reply ot this thread.
The only noteworthy info is an update bureaucratic maze to get my back pay (and back vacation time, seniority ect.)

Back in early June, the head of the payroll branch of HR for my agency came to my office to ask a couple of questions about getting my back pay set up. He said it should take about a month and a half to two months to process. At the two-month line I e-mailed him and got an automated response saying he was out of the office. As I would find out later, he took a long vacation in the late summer and then went to another job in the State government.

In early September, once it had been well past two months, around 3 months at that point, I e-mailed him again. . .he forwarded the e-mail to someone else. The HR clerk he forwarded it to presented me with a pile of paperwork to fill out so I can get my back pay, and I'm sorting through that and should be turning it in later this week. The clerk said I should (finally) get my back pay within a month of turning those papers in.