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Vlaad chuckles. "Most dangerous my wing. They are brutes, no finesse at all." You know he means the demons. "Now we...we will be going after a cross used in the Crusades! Malbozia's lieutenant Orcus will be our foe. He uses Babaus..sly and crafty. The cross is in Vatican City..a truly dangerous place for ones of our nature."
After receiving her assignment, Arisa made her way to Dracula and Mina. Both were elegantly dressed; Dracula had his trademark cape fluttering around him and Mina's hat matched her dress. Arisa jammed her hands into her scrub pockets feeling very out of place. "So, Vatican City, huh?"

Dracula arched an eyebrow. "Yes. However, my dear, you seem a bit under dressed. Mina, if you please?"

Mina took Arisa's hand despite Arisa's protests and lead her to a smaller room. There she handed Arisa a Victorian style gown that frankly Arisa was too short to wear. Although she refused to wear the high-heeled dress shoes that would have added about 3 inches to her height and stuck with her trusty work sneakers. If there was going to be fighting--or running--Arisa didn't want to be doing it in heels.

Dracula gave a slight bow upon her return and offered an arm. You look lovely, my dear. Just one other thing: don't feel you have to continue to hide your true form from me."

Arisa shifted uncomfortably. "I think I'll stay this way for now." She gestured to the gown. "Is this your idea of blending in?"

Dracula smiled. Though the smile was likely meant to come across as warm and supportive, Arisa couldn't help but think there was something predatory about it. "Even the Vatican celebrates Halloween. Now you said something about training. What sort of abilities do you have already?"

"Well, I took gymnastics growing up and a few years of judo. But that's it. I've never even used judo outside of a class setting."

"It's a start," Dracula said. "Let's be on our way and we'll train as we go."

Arisa gave a reluctant nod and followed. What have I gotten myself into?
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