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Vatican City

When Dracula suddenly and literally swept Arisa off her feet, she gave a startled yelp. A yelp that was not, she insisted to herself, a scream. Nor would she admit to how hard she was clutching her elder's shirt before her feet met with solid ground again. She was only half listening to Dracula's explanation of their mission since she needed most of her concentration to keep from throwing up. "Charm and grace. Right," she muttered. "Excuse me just a moment." Arisa stumbled away a few steps to a bench where she sat down and waited for the world to stop spinning. Charm and grace were not attributes she readily possessed. Arisa had once verbally dressed down a physician with as much charm and grace as a sledgehammer. In all fairness, the guy had deserved it, but it had nearly cost her her job. These stakes were much higher.

Finally she rose with as much dignity as she could muster, confident her dinner was going to stay where it belonged. "Next time, could you warn me before you do that?"

Dracula's lip curled in the first sign of exasperation. "I'm hoping next time you'll be able to fly on your own."

"Fine by me," Arisa said, though she inwardly groaned. She stepped closer and dropped her voice low to keep from being overheard. "Let me make sure I've got the plan here. The cross is in a glass case at the back of the room. Get it and get out without attracting attention preferably before Orcus gets here. And if anything goes wrong, find the Pope and tell him Peto sanctuarium in nomine Vlad Tepes."


"What does it mean? The only Latin I know is medical terms."

"You're claiming sanctuary." He lead her to a deserted back alley. "And since we have a little time, let me teach you a few things."

After a couple hours, Arisa almost had the hang of shifting into a bat. And she actually remembered more of her judo lessons than she initially thought. With Mina's help, Arisa could attack and dodge much faster than before. Still nowhere near Mina's speed, but as Dracula had said earlier, it was a start. He finally signaled an end to their training session and motioned for Arisa and Mina to follow.

When they reached the venue for the party and Arisa saw their target, her eyes went wide. The cross was easily six feet tall, ornate, and heavy-looking. "That thing's bigger than I am," she hissed.

"We've got other problems," Mina said. "Look around. Notice anything strange?"

You mean besides three vampires wandering around the Vatican? Arisa glanced around and noted the crowd. Or rather, the lack thereof. "Well, for a Halloween party, there don't seem to be many people here."

Dracula frowned. "You're right. We'll need to work fast. Be on your guard."

"So, what's the plan for getting this thing out of the case?" Arisa asked.
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