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Great timing
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Default Great timing

We have a client constantly doing reconfigurations. While I consider them all to be completely unnecessary, the rational and reasoning are above my pay grade and level of caring, whatever, work is work. But then we get into the timing of when these jobs are scheduled. We have proven with hundreds of other customers that we can work around people and do jobs like this during regular business hours, but they consider it to be too disruptive. Fine, whatever, so we have to do the jobs on weekends. It sucks losing your weekend, but that comes with the job. But it can be any weekend, but no, this assclown doesn't just pick any weekend, nope, these jobs have to be done on the long weekend. Three straight jobs, scheduled right in the middle of three long weekends. I figure this guy has nothing better to do, so he doesn't care if he loses his long weekend, (plus he probably gets double or triple time for doing so). Yeah, great for you buddy, some of us have a life, none of us get paid extra for showing up on a long weekend. Just completely uncaring and selfish.
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