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But, but, but...I'm sure the check's in the mail!!!

About a year ago, hubs posted a .22 target pistol for sale on a gun forum. As said gun was special (original box, original finish, desired collector item), he had it listed for 650. It didn't sell and he forgot about it until today when someone in Mesa found his listing and contacted him.

This very generous person was willing to pay him 500 for the gun and hubs was expected to deliver it to a parking lot in Mesa which is usually at least a 3 hour drive through heavy traffic. Prolly about 2 hours now.

When hubs told me about this very generous offer, I mentioned that I was surprised that the jerk didn't want hubs to bring ammo so he could try it out on a live target. Well, ammo was demanded as well, but hubs wasn't bored enough to reply to the text, so that's probably the end of the story.

Update: Hubs sold the gun to a legit buyer today. Buyer met him at the ADOT parking lot here in town and paid cash. Its a nice little gun, I hope the buyer enjoys it.

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