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"I'm looking for a book. It's purple."
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Default "I'm looking for a book. It's purple."

Okay, I work in a grocery store, not a bookstore, but this was the equivalent request.

Customer (not sucky, I should add) comes up to my till empty-handed.

Me: "Can I help you?"

Customer: "Yeah, I want three of those bags of that ... stuff, the stuff that's 3 bags for $10."


Me: "Is it [commonly requested garden material]?"

Customer: "No, it's not that. Um, it's in a green-and-white bag. And it's 3 bags for $10."


I call over the "Front End." She's frantically directing traffic and can NOT leave to go outside and look over all the bags of "stuff." Somebody else volunteers to do so, and comes back and tells me it's [Product]. I ring it up and yes, it's 3 bags for $10.

Then he starts to walk away without his receipt. Um, buddy, we RARELY ask you to prove you paid but it would be a lot easier on you if you've got a receipt ... just in case.

Also ... I had to wonder if he didn't have a cellphone. I've had other people come through my line looking for "garden stuff" but they had taken a photo of said "stuff" and showed me the photo. I could thus find it in 2 seconds flat on my print-out.

Alas, I do not know every single deal in the store and thus "3 bags for $10" (not to mention "green-and-white bag") was really no help at all.

He wasn't sucky about it at all, but we could all have done without this, as today was absolutely crazed. Our manager thinks we got some overflow from a sister store which is known to have two or three staff members who've tested positive for lycanthropy ... I mean, COVID.
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