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Default Anniversary!

This incarnation of the board celebrates its first full year today!

Thanks, everyone, we can't do this without you.

As befits my vaguely amused stance on life, however, I'm planning a celebration of interesting note. We have a strict no advert policy, as you know, and we get commercial spammers from time to time. Three days ago, someone signed up to put some spam on our site, but thanks to the Trollguard dreamed up by Ree and implemented by MadMike, you didn't get to see it.

The spammer left his email addresses:

I don't expect anyone to reply to him directly. However, I would be very disappointed if those email addresses (apparently fairly fresh ones) didn't end up on every email list going and filled with spam. Not that I'm encouraging this, but he did try to leave those addresses out in the open.

Caveat - do not send emails yourself - you'll be leaving yourself open to being spammed directly. Sign him up to anything and everything you like. Enjoy!